For the Love of Herbs!

Herbal arrangement

Hello herbies,

so I have decided that I want to do more work reconnecting with the wonderful world of herbs.

Now you might speculate, why that is necessary for a practising herbalist?

Well, as a herbal student, you get to interact with herbs on an almost daily basis. You explore what a herb stands for, how and why they work, all through personal experience, taste testing, interactive learning, and oh so many essays, discussions, lectures, clinic sessions, and more. Looking back, the close connection forged with the herbs was pure bliss. I definitely miss that aspect of being a student, and at the time, we probably all took it for granted.
Now, however, as a fully qualified medical herbalist, with my own business, I have to wear many hats, I am a herbalist, researcher, marketing and PR fledging, book keeper, wannabe accountant, etc, etc, etc! As a result, I often feel like I have very little time left to pursue and develop my love of herbs further – for there is always more to learn.

So now I am going to change that!

My intention is to begin exploring many aspects of herbs once more, through tastings, reflecting quietly with the herb, and much research; all to further my passion and learning of herbs. Then, I’m going to put my reflections and findings into words via my blog, and I invite you to share the journey, where I hope to inspire you with my love of herbs!

Yarrow will be my first herb, so stay tuned.


For the Love of Herbs!

Blogging: The Beginning

I have a great deal of blog ideas running through my head. I’ve been working on one particular piece for more than a week, with very little to show for it, and as I realise I am getting nowhere fast, I’m starting to ask myself: “why?”

So here I am, sitting in a quiet room, and as I try to tune in to what I want to write for my first blog piece,I find myself brimming with emotions. The first one is like utter excitement; my heart is racing and my brain is firing at a million miles an hour, I simply can’t keep track of what it is I want to say, never mind making it into something coherent. What happens next is the fear begins to bubble up; statements like “I can’t write”, “I’m not good enough to do this”, and “why would anyone want to read what I write?” charge through my brain, more or less killing off the prospects of actually achieving anything notable.

I think the part of the problem is that I see herbs and healing as such an integral part of me, with such potential and room for growth. I also have a keen feeling of where I see myself in 10+ years, and not one I can begin to express easily, so to start to put any of it down in words for all to see, is like bearing your heart/soul to the world. It’s flippin’ scary! Not only does it create a mass of self-doubt, but I also know in my heart that the vision I have for the future, cannot and will not happen unless I start to take the necessary action now. Talk about pressure.

So here’s me: instead of writing a blog about all the wonders of herbs (for which I believe there are so many), I am choosing to begin my voice with an honest portrayal of me, not only as a person (with my tendency to be a touch melodramatic), but this is me making a start, with a tiny glimpse of my passion for herbs.

Hopefully catch you soon with the ‘real’ first blog.


Blogging: The Beginning