Blogging: The Beginning

I have a great deal of blog ideas running through my head. I’ve been working on one particular piece for more than a week, with very little to show for it, and as I realise I am getting nowhere fast, I’m starting to ask myself: “why?”

So here I am, sitting in a quiet room, and as I try to tune in to what I want to write for my first blog piece,I find myself brimming with emotions. The first one is like utter excitement; my heart is racing and my brain is firing at a million miles an hour, I simply can’t keep track of what it is I want to say, never mind making it into something coherent. What happens next is the fear begins to bubble up; statements like “I can’t write”, “I’m not good enough to do this”, and “why would anyone want to read what I write?” charge through my brain, more or less killing off the prospects of actually achieving anything notable.

I think the part of the problem is that I see herbs and healing as such an integral part of me, with such potential and room for growth. I also have a keen feeling of where I see myself in 10+ years, and not one I can begin to express easily, so to start to put any of it down in words for all to see, is like bearing your heart/soul to the world. It’s flippin’ scary! Not only does it create a mass of self-doubt, but I also know in my heart that the vision I have for the future, cannot and will not happen unless I start to take the necessary action now. Talk about pressure.

So here’s me: instead of writing a blog about all the wonders of herbs (for which I believe there are so many), I am choosing to begin my voice with an honest portrayal of me, not only as a person (with my tendency to be a touch melodramatic), but this is me making a start, with a tiny glimpse of my passion for herbs.

Hopefully catch you soon with the ‘real’ first blog.


Blogging: The Beginning