Tea For ME (Taking Time Out in 10 Easy Steps)

Rose tea
Freshly brewed rose tea

In this day and age we rarely take the time to slow down and take some proper time out. Our down time is usually spent watching TV or scrolling through our phone/computer, and lets face it, that only makes us disconnect rather than relax and unwind.

So instead, I propose that the perfect way for some real ‘ME TIME’
can be done whilst making and drinking a good cup of tea.

Tea For Me – The Process:


1: Being mindful. As you carry out each of these steps, try doing it without being on autopilot. Be aware of your senses, how things look, the smells and noises at each stage, and be aware of how things feel in your hands.

2: Pick your tea. Contemplate which tea you feel like, a good quality loose leaf would be best, whether that is your favourite herb or a good green/white/black, but normal tea bags will do too.

3: Stick the kettle on. Once you hit the switch, don’t walk away and don’t pick up your phone, remember to be mindful of the process. So look/smell/hear/feel. Now is when you can start paying attention to your thoughts and notice your breath.

4: Grab your favourite cup & get the tea ready. This is time just for you, so it’s got to be your favourite cup. Be aware of the sounds coming from the kettle, watch (if you can) as the water begins to bubble and boil, and smell your freshly chosen tea as you wait for the kettle to finish.

5: Pour & infuse. Now the water is ready, become aware of your senses as you pour it onto your chosen tea, notice the changes that are happening as the water mixes with the leaf. Do the colours or the leaves swirl? As you wait for the tea to infuse (to your preferred strength) focus further on your breathing, take a deep breath, inhale the aromas, and allow yourself to relax.

6: Perfect spot. Now you have your tea, find the perfect spot where you can be alone with YOU and your tea.


7: Sit & become aware. Just sit with your tea, and before you even start drinking, become aware of your body. Are you sitting comfortably? How does your body feel? Give your toes a wiggle, relax your shoulders and be aware of any feelings/sensations within your body. Become aware of your breathing once more.

8: Smell: Now sit and smell your tea, as you inhale the aroma be aware of any thoughts or memories it conjures in your mind. Allow yourself to relax further.

9: Drink: As you take your first sip, be aware of the taste of your tea, is it sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter or astringent? Be mindful of your thoughts and memories that may come as you enjoy your tea, and become aware of how it makes your body feel as you drink it.

10: Gratitude: As you sit and enjoy your cuppa, now is a great time to reflect upon of the wonderful things you have in your life. You can be thankful for the hard toil people will have put into making your tea possible; appreciate that you are here, in this moment, to enjoy your brew; and be thankful of the people who are part of your life. Taking the time to feel grateful for even the simple things in your life does wonders for your mental health and outlook on life. So give it a try.

If you find yourself getting distracted through the process, that’s okay, just take a deep breath, and refocus on your senses. Ask yourself again ‘how does the tea taste/smell/look/feel?’

The most important part is the fact that you are taking the time out, for yourself, to just sit and enjoy your tea.

For now, just be.


Tea For ME (Taking Time Out in 10 Easy Steps)